Hairstyles Through History

Hairstyles Through History

Natural hair lace front wigs for black women give the illusion that hair is is growing from the scalp, making them look very natural. As the situation at home became bad to worse during the times of World War I, the Great Depression and World War II, more and more women were compelled to seek employment and thus, the label of “weaker sex” slowly began to fade away.

In the year 1966, National Organization for Women (NOW) was formed by 28 working women including Betty Frieden for the purpose of encouraging women to actively participate in the mainstream instead of being limited to domesticity.

This misconception was born in 1968 when a group of women from New Pre-Bonded Extensions York Radical Women protested against Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, New York calling it racist and subjecting to “ludicrous beauty standards”.

Over the years, the 20th century women exerted control over their lives by taking birth control pills, going for higher studies, challenging status quo and puncturing the male ego in every facets of life.

Women still were allowed to inherit or own property, sign contracts, marry and divorce according to their will, appear in court as a witness, and were subjected to the responsibilities associated with such rights.

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